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How To Troubleshoot Kodi Not Connecting To a Network Server?

When you want to watch a movie or a television show, you click on Kodi to do it. However, this time, the remote share was unable to establish a connection with the network server. You do a brief assessment and find that everything appears to be in proper functioning condition.

However, you are no longer able to add any new add-ons to Kodi, and any attempts to do so result in the error message “couldn’t connect to the network server.” Numerous people have reported the existence of this problem.

Moreover, this blog by TechNinjaPro has chosen the most promising solutions for you to consider. Following the discovery of the error, you undertake a thorough investigation into the situation and discover that nothing is wrong.

As a result, the remote share couldn’t connect to the network server error continues to occur in your Kodi installation, making it impossible to install new add-ons. Kodi appears to be unable to establish a connection with the network server.

Is there a technical reason why Kodi is unable to connect to the server?

This issue affects only ten out of every hundred Kodi users, making it one of the most uncommon issues encountered. When a user tries to install an application, the source of the difficulty can be different for each person. Consequently, there may be a network problem or a restriction on the repository connection as a result.

The network server can only be accessible if the repository is unavailable or has been entirely shut down by the system administrator. Some repositories, as a result, provide Add-ons that may contain potentially unlawful content, such as pirated movies and music.

Kodi’s servers may go down from time to time due to the large number of people that use it on so many platforms. Techninjapro devised a workaround that you can quickly implement to remedy the issue because it appears to be related to another problem you’re experiencing.

Are You Having Issue Connecting to the network server on Kodi?

The only way to figure out what is wrong with your computer is to first comprehend why you see what you are seeing on your computer screen. Never fear if you don’t understand what is happening since we will go over every conceivable remedy right here.

As long as the initial repair procedure is successful, you can disregard the remaining options and continue using Kodi. You will not be able to use the first and second alternatives, but the third and fourth options will.

Check the speed of your internet connection

This is the simplest and most fundamental method because it only requires checking if the internet is operational. To prevent this problem, you should avoid running out of data or having a sluggish internet connection.

You’ll see a warning that says “could not connect to the network” if your internet connection is disrupted in any way during the process of adding a source.

You may do various things like an initial check to verify if the WiFi is connected and working using this method, all of which are described below. Aside from that, be sure that there are no WiFi obstructions, such as a microwave or other equipment, that could cause it to lose its signal.

Additionally, if your Wi-Fi is still giving you issues, You are recommended to switch a cable connection. There are a variety of Firestick Ethernet adapters available, which may be used to connect a wired television set to a FireTV.

Check for link issues in the source code by inspecting it

If you’ve tried all the remedies listed above and are still experiencing problems, the URL may be incorrect. As Firestick and Android TV users are well aware, URLs are not copied into the source part of the video.

Since they must enter each connection by hand, the link showing that Kodi was unable to connect to the network server has been misspelled due to the error. It is necessary to double-check your spelling before you begin typing to overcome this issue.

In cases when the source has already been submitted, you can edit it and change the spelling by following the steps below:

  1. When you first launch Kodi on a device, click on the Settings or run an icon. After receiving an Unable to Connect error message and selecting Yes to fix it, right-click on the source and choose Edit Source from the context menu.
  2. Go to the URL that was input improperly and correct it (In this instance, bamboo has been misspelled with an extra o)
  3. Examine your data entry for any errors that you may have committed. There are also blank spaces before and after the URL and missing periods, hyphens, backslashes, and other characters that should have been included in the URL. After double-checking that you have entered the correct URL, click OK.
  4. To complete the configuration of the media source, press the OK button. The installation of the file should go without a hitch.
  5. Install an add-on or build will continue as usual after you have completed the process.
  6. In most cases, an incorrect URL is to blame for the Kodi Unable to Connect Error.
  7. Once you have determined that the language and punctuation are correct, we can proceed with this technique.

Check if the URL is functional

You have another alternative if the Kodi Unable to Connect Error persists despite following the steps mentioned above. As most Kodi users are aware, add-ons and repositories are continuously growing.

As a result, determining whether a person is in excellent health is impossible.

Even if your connection is strong and the URL is correct, the file you’re attempting to install may no longer work. We may check if it is available by entering the URL into any browser.

  1. After inputting the URL, you will see one of two messages, depending on your browser. When the URL is valid, all files in this source will be listed in the “Index of.” It appears as “Unable to Connect Error”.
  2. If the URL is not a functional source, you will see: “This site can’t be reached.”

Your add-ons must be updated to the most recent version

By updating Kodi, we can solve a variety of technical issues. “Kodi Couldn’t Connect to a Network Server” is one of them. It is recommended that you upgrade your program to the most recent version to avoid this problem. Follow these simple steps to upgrade Kodi manually.

  1. Add-ons can be discovered on Kodi’s home page.
  2. Select the box icon at the top of Kodi. From the drop-down menu in the lower-left corner, choose an option.
  3. Choose Option in the lower-left corner.
  4. Select the Check for Updates option. All of your add-ons will be upgraded to the most recent version at once.
  5. After restarting Kodi, you should be free of the “Kodi Couldn’t Connect to Network Server” error.

Re-install Kodi on your PC

If you continue to receive the same error message after attempting all of the above solutions, please contact our support team. Then the issue may be with Kodi rather than the URL. When a person watches many movies, some caches or temporary files are formed.

Because of these files, Kodi will not run or delay excessively when watching videos on Kodi. As a result, reinstalling Kodi is a realistic option. ‘ You won’t have to bother with buffering because it fixes almost all of your problems and speeds things up.

To use these methods, you must first uninstall Kodi from your Firestick.

  1. Hold down the home button for a few seconds before selecting Settings from the menu on the home screen.
  2. When you’ve arrived at the Applications Settings, click on it.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Manage Installed Applications.
  4. Scroll down and select Kodi from the app list.
  5. Simply hover your mouse pointer over the Uninstallation icon and press the Choose button to uninstall this program.
  6. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm your decision, so click Uninstall once more.

Now that the Kodi software has been successfully removed, you can reinstall it.

Adding the source link again once the program has been installed will show that it works correctly. As of today, you can once again install your favorite add-ons to watch free content such as live TV and sports without having to pay.



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